How to design the perfect About Us page for your website

How many times have you looked at the About Us page of a website and have got utterly disappointed?. How many times have you felt mistrust towards a company or brand because of a poorly done About Us page?. Many times, isn’t it?. This very simple thought brings us to the importance of having a properly done About Us page.

Have you ever designed a perfect About Us page for your website? If you take a look at the websites of most of the companies or brands, you can see that the About Us page is just mere words put together for namesake!. In most other cases, the About Us just focuses on the company or the person/ team behind the company.

Is that good enough to keep your customers interested in you?. Remember, designing a good About us page helps in converting visitors to customers. Wouldn’t it be better if the About Us page of your company's website gives your customers reasons to get invested in your brand? Wouldn’t it be better if it could be used as a platform to convince your customers that you are the best in the business to take care of their needs?. When your About Us becomes inviting and relatable to your customers and makes them feel like they too are part of the conversation, then it becomes the best starting point to create your website’s visitors into your potential customers!.

An About Us page is one of the best ways to send free organic traffic to your site. When people search for your business, they will also probably find your About page. Leverage its potential to boost your customer growth and business profits!.

So, how to design a perfect About Us page for your website. This article will touch down the following topics in-depth :

  • What is an About Us page all about? Why have a good one?
  • Tips for writing a good About page (Do’s and Don’ts)
  • A great example to get you started on writing an impressive About page: SpiderWorks Technologies

 Let's go further without further adieu!

About Us and your brand. What and Why?

What is an About Us page?

An About Us page is created to provide information to the visitors and customers stopping by the website of the company. Primarily it consists of information about the company and its operations may also include aspects like:
  • The start of your company,
  • What makes your company/ brand unique?
  • The values and beliefs of your brand/ company
  • Why customers should choose your company/ brand.

Keeping your About Us page meaningful and engaging can provide you with a great platform to build trust and make a connection with your potential customer. If you can get your customers emotionally invested in your brand, its journey, its successes, hardships, and values, it can be a great start to build a rapport with them.

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The texts on the About Us page are a great marketing tool and can be considered as the brand ambassador to your brand!. The About pages are also used in search engine marketing efforts to find potential customers through Web searches. With e-commerce websites popping up every minute, creating a distinct personality for your brand and company is a necessity if you want your brand to stand out from the rest!. The About Us page is the best way to bring about the personality of your brand/ company and get your customers and website visitors interested in your business and your products. Even though most of the customers are only focused on the pricing, customer service, and delivery options, an e-commerce website with an engaging and personalized story is guaranteed to make your customers greatly invested in your brand. 

Why do you need to invest in a good About Us page?

An About Us page of a website is one of the most crucial elements that can be the best platform to create lasting relationships with your customers. Here are some reasons as to why investing your time and energy in creating an impressive About Us page can be a great idea!.

  • Your uniqueness - An About Us page is a great place to share about what makes your story and business unique, what sets your company apart from the rest of the competitors, and why your company can take the best care of your customers. If people can relate to your brand’s journey, the hardships faced and triumphs, it can make your customers take note of your brand.
  • It’s a popular choice – Do you know that the About Us page of a website receives more visits than other pages of a website, on average?. This statistic implies that the people are not just looking at your products but are also curious about the history of your brand, your brand’s journey, its achievements, etc. Create a captivating About Us page of your brand/ company and get a loyal following of customers for your brand!
  • Strengthens brand image – An About Us page is a great place to declare what your brand is all about, who you are and what you want your brand to be perceived as. Having a unique design, layout, and write-up for your About page which mirrors the overall personality and values of your brand can ensure that your customers get to know how you are in just a page! 

Since you now know why it's important to have a good and well designed About Us page done, let’s have a look at some of the best tips to create a stunning About page!

Best tips for a great About Us page!

The most relevant things to your brand are to be included in the About Us of your brand’s website. The following list is not extensive and according to what your industry specifics are, feel free to include more.

  • Let them know what’s cooking backstage - Since the world has become more open and outgoing thanks to the internet and social media, knowing more and showing yourself more has become somewhat a social norm. Most of the businesses these days are keen on sharing the behind-the-scenes processes of its workings, team members, office environments, etc. Adds some photos or other creatives to better word your product and services. Allow your customers in through your page!
  • Bring to light your company’s faces - The human eye has an affinity to faces and is naturally drawn to them. Bringing yourself and your team to the forefront can be a great value addition to the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand. Especially if you are into e-commerce. Include your company’s important faces on the About Us page to elevate your brand’s story!.
  • Unique value proposition - Drawing attention to your company’s unique selling point by building your company’s About Us around it, can be the best idea. If your unique selling point is that your products are environment friendly, then include why your company has chosen to take up such products, etc. Including such elements can make your page more attention-grabbing.
  • Share your brand’s story - Brand storytelling is an incredible and effective way to connect with your audience through shared values. It can breathe life into your brand if properly done. Be real and honest about your brand and its story. Also don’t try to stretch your story beyond 2000 words, as it is unnecessary. Keep it relevant, on–point, engaging and crisp. Avoid boasting and self-praising.
  • Let them know where you are at - Letting your customers know where your company is based can help you further build trust with people who are from your company’s area. Including the address and location of your office and other location details regarding your company’s shipping location, etc can make a good impression on your customers and visitors who check out your website.
  • Direct customer towards next action - Once your potential customer reads the About Us page of your website, what do you want them to do next? Leave them at the end with nothing at the bottom of the page or leave something tactile to get them connected to you?. Include a contact form, create a CTA to direct them back to your shop, or make them subscribe/ sign up to your newsletter.
A customer/ visitor who has got to the bottom of your About Us page is curious about your brand, use it wisely.

  • Be careful about the fold - Part of the website that is seen before a user has to scroll is called ‘above the fold’. It varies based on the different screen sizes and device types. Since keeping the visitors/customers' attention is the most important thing, make sure you design your About Us page with content that’s above the fold. It ensures that the user scrolls down and looks at the rest of the page.
  • Keep your ‘About Us’ page regularly updated - Once you have created an impressive and eye-catching About Us page, make sure you keep it updated every 6 months or so. Just as a good page can benefit you, an old and updated age can seriously damage your brand’s reputation.
Just like what’s good, some things are better avoided like :

  • Don’t Hype - Your About Us page should only be used as a platform to build a connection with your brand and not for creating hype for your brand/ company.
  • Don’t do a Sales pitch - While designing the About us page for your website, don’t use your company’s About Us page to sell your products or services. Focus on your brand and its story and not on selling your products and services.

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Best ‘About Us’ page example: SpiderWorks Technologies

SpiderWorks Technologies is a leading digital marketing and IT company in the UAE and India with 20+ years of expertise in the IT industry. The About Us page of the company can be taken as the perfect example of a well-conceived, engaging, unique, and attention-grabbing About Us page. Let’s explore why this is such a good example.

Minimalist design, user-friendly, and easily scrollable navigation of the page

Inclusion of the highlights, unique services, and values of the company

1. Minimalist design, user-friendly, and easily scrollable navigation of the page –With the overall color scheme and layout of the website design complementing the logo of the company, the minimalist design style reflects the high level of professionalism and organization of the company. The About Us page is easy to navigate and user-friendly providing a seamless browsing experience for the visitors. It also stands as a working sample of the digital and design services the company provides.

2. Inclusion of the highlights, unique services, and values of the company – Without the outpour of too much content, the company can provide all its best and unique features and services in a nutshell through well-conceived illustrations and graphics.

3. Insight into the founder and management of the company –The inclusion of the company founder’s and the company management’s brief has allowed the company to create a more personalized and humanized image for the brand.

Insight into the founder and management of the company

There you go! You now have all the necessary information about how to design a perfect About Us page for your website. We have given one perfect example of how should be an about us page. Let this article be your guide and help you in creating a perfect About Us page.


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