Best JavaScript Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Do you realise how much of JavaScript you make use of on a daily basis? Much more than you could ever imagine! 

Mobile App Development is the booming business of the present. Food delivery, entertainment, payments, education, shopping, productivity, gaming...the possibilities of mobile application development are endless. And JavaScript is the main programming language or the core element, so to speak, behind almost all the mobile applications you use. 

Why is JavaScript so popular? JavaScript is so widely used because it provides much needed functionality, robustness and scalability that helps build mobile applications in the most efficient way possible. 

HatchingWeb makes the best use of JavaScript in building some of the best mobile applications that promise to give you an experience like no other. Here are our list of 9 best JavaScript frameworks for mobile application development for 2021:

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is a bootstrap framework which is the mobile application version of the popular Angular UI for web applications. Used by PayPal, Freelancer, LinkedIn, Lego, Angular UI enables faster page development, databinding, built-in dependency injection and directives and an instant runtime performance, which not many frameworks can boast of. 


Being cost effective, fast and well supported has its perks - in the case of React.JS, that perk came in the form of Facebook. React Native is one of the best JavaScript frameworks for mobile app development available around the world, thanks to high quality UI, unidirectional data flow, a virtual DOM that ensures efficiency in performance and an easy to understand and code JSX file. 


Vue.JS has taken the JavaScript world by storm ever since its development. Embedded with typescript support, high reactivity, reusability and small framework size are some of the reasons why Vue.JS is highly vyed by developers worldwide. The use of virtual DOM, databinding that helps manipulate values to HTML attributes and a huge library of components make Vue.JS a much recommended JavaScript framework for mobile app development.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is the next in the list of JavaScript frameworks for mobile application development. If you are looking to create a mobile application that is visually appealing and fast, jQuery is the one to go for. A lightning fast loading speed and lightweight framework, jQuery has a vast library of UI elements that enables you to easily customize mobile applications. Page transitions are smoother with the use of Ajax, jQuery also comes with touch sensitive UI. For cross platform applications, it is best to choose jQuery.


Microsoft, Adobe, Blackberry, Intel, IBM - such is the lineup under Apache/Cordova. One of the fastest growing JavaScript frameworks, Cordova gained immense popularity with the growth in mobile application technology. It is touted to be the best framework that reuses existing applications, which makes Cordova one of the easiest JavaScript frameworks for mobile app development you can find. It is highly compatible with multiple devices, easy to use, takes up a short time for development and uses a single code base for multiple platforms. 


Node.JS is an open source framework that runs on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, OS X, etc. Built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.JS is one of the fastest JavaScript frameworks available. It has a rich library of different modules and comes with features such as - easy output of data, low buffering, single threaded model with event looping as well as high scalability and robustness.


Building hybrid mobile applications is now easier and more affordable than ever with Titanium. With native UI components and touch optimised screen layout, Titanium easily enables developers to build prototype mobile applications in the quickest time and lowest costs possible. What makes Titanium stand out is that it supports powerful JavaScript languages, has multitudes of functionalities that enables developers to develop high performance apps, is free and is easily available on open source platforms.


Ionic combines the best of iOS and Android applications to make a stable and versatile application. It is supported by the biggest community of developers, has a wide range of tools, makes the best hybrid mobile applications, provides plenty of room for customisation, has a simplified development code and supports the testing of applications - both native iOS and Android - with ease.


Developed by Google, Flutter is one of the fastest growing JavaScript frameworks in the world. By using Google’s Dart programming language, Flutter encompasses built-in material design and widgets for both Apple and Android, that enable developers not to build applications from scratch thereby saving a lot of time and efforts in the development cycle. Flutter has grown to become one of the best frameworks to build hybrid mobile apps thanks to its high performance UI toolkit and strong widget support and customization.

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Choosing the right JavaScript framework for mobile app development that suits your needs and requirements is of vital importance, as each framework differs in terms of functionality, robustness and efficiency. But even more important is selecting the right partner to perfectly execute the mobile app development the way you want it to be. 

At HatchingWeb, we deploy the best and most qualified developers for the job, who are experts when it comes to JavaScript frameworks. We promise to put your needs on top of the priority list and deliver the most dynamic and efficient mobile app you can dream of!

Sit back, relax, call us! Make a free consultation appointment today to give flight to your mobile application needs.


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